Deaf and disabled communities are massvely diverse and no two people will be affected by a disability in the same way. At iDID, we believe in a holistic approach to training to ensure that you gain a wider understanding of barriers faced by deaf and disabled people. Our philosophy focuses on removing labels and looking at human experiences such as communication, perception, and attitudes, and how they can be adapted to meet the needs of deaf and disabled individuals.

Inclusive Climbing

We are passionate about supporting professionals and our training programmes aim to build confidence, experience and knowledge of delivering adventure sports to customers with physical, learning, communication, and sensory differences. We are proud to be amongst a network of providers specialising in adaptive adventure training. If we don't provide a course to suit your needs, we'll signpost you to someone that does!


Working in an inclusive environment requires knowledge wider than sport specific skills. Working with marginalised individuals will test every aspect of your communication, adaptability, and empathic awareness. Our range of workshops provide you with the understanding and strategies you need to provide more inclusive services.

Sport Specific Training

If you are looking for a course specific to your discipline, click on the relevant links below. Please do be aware that provisions of adaptive adventure training is limited, if you can't find what you're looking for get in touch and we'll see how we, or our partners, can support your needs.

In partnership

We work closely with highly experienced organisations to provide the best quality training to you and your team. Our courses offer a diverse range of topics to ensure you can access up-to-date and relevant information.