Ealish tackles the Wolf Run for iDID

August 20th, 2017


I’m Ealish and I’m a Speech and Language Therapist. I work with Adults with Learning Disabilities and absolutely love my job! I’m passionate about promoting independence and supporting absolutely everyone to reach their own full potentials whatever that may be and in any way I can. I’m not afraid to try something new or experiment, maybe do things a little differently to get the end result. I think it’s this ‘out of the box thinking’ which is why I love iDID. iDID has taken exercise and sport, something many of us take for granted, and said it’s not good enough. They have looked at our opportunities and found any way they can to make these accessible to anyone and everyone, just how it should be!! iDID don’t see limitations, just like me!! Amazing!

I have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS), also known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type (hEDS). These are used interchangeably although I prefer to use the first, sounds less fancy! I’ve got a nice definition for you in case you’re not sure what it is. My joints move beyond the normal range of movement which is good for party tricks but not so much day to day. It’s associated with joint and ligament injuries, pain and fatigue. My body’s connective tissue is affected therefore my joints are lax, particularly my ligaments and tendons. Some people can dislocate joints but (fingers crossed) because I work hard with my exercise and keep my body strong this hasn’t happened to me. It also takes me longer to recover from injury. My skin and organs are affected too due to these connective tissues. I’ve always found solace and enjoyment in exercise although it causes me pain. For me it’s important I continue to exercise to stay physically strong. So why shouldn’t everyone else have the opportunity to have the same feelings?

There is another reason I want to fundraise for iDID. When iDID was set up I mentioned it to my Brother who is blind and also has JHS. This gave him the confidence to try out some sports he’d never thought of trying before, we went rock climbing and kayaking to start off with and he loved it! He found out from trying these sports that actually the only boundary was his own confidence! With a little bit of support to slightly adapt the sports he was off and really enjoying himself!

I’ve found a certain amount of comfort through sport and feel everyone should also find their own relationship with it. I’ve watched iDID grow and seen the great work it does but they rely on donations and funding to keep innovating their work and delivering their programs to more people. I’m looking forward to the Wolf Run although I know it will be really hard! I’m hoping to raise £200 and I’ve already reached over half of my target which is fantastic!!

Please click here to sponsor our team and help us raise more money to help iDID continue its wonderful work.

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