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Why I did, iDID: Shannon joins the adventure club!

January 30th, 2013

To celebrate the launch of iDID Northampton on Sunday 3rd February, iDID have been finding out more about the members of the club. This week we hear from Shannon, an iDID Northampton member and all round adventurer!

I’ve always been interested in joining a group that has the same sort of people with different and the same disabilities as me and that’s fun and has some good activities to do. my mum found a letter and heard about idid, we went along to just see what is was like and really loved it all.

I was a bit nervous at first to meet people, and some that use sign language because I don’t know much. I was also a bit scared to do rock climbing because I was always afraid of heights. I had so much fun and I absolutely want to get myself into it more and learning about it. I will definitely be going again!

I overcame my fears and loved meeting the people in the group. With iDID adventure club I’ve met some lovely people and done some amazing activities with them, I find them all an inspiration with the disabilities they have and i think its fantastic they are challenging themselves with rock climbing and other activities.

From going to this club I’m hoping to learn  more sign language from the others in the group, if I lose the rest of my hearing it would be so much help for me.

My name is Shannon Hall, I am half blind and half deaf. I’ve always found it hard with to fit in at schools and clubs but this one I feel really suits me with the activities and the nice people in it. Now I feel a lot more independent and proud of myself.

iDID Northampton launches on Sunday 3rd February @ The Pinnacle Climbing Centre in Northampton. This exciting morning includes two hours of Rock Climbing tuition with fun competitions to win fantastic prizes! To book your space, click here


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Up, Up, Up and away... Suzi goes indoor Skydiving!

January 23rd, 2013

As you may know, iDID sends it's volunteers and staff off to try out latest crazes in the adventure world. Well, 2013 is no different and we started this year off with a bang - indoor skydiving!! 

I have to admit, when I was in Australia I did a real skydive so I was a bit snobby about the indoor alternative. I thought, there was no way you could compare the two... how wrong i was!

For my skydive, i didn't have an interpreter and just hoped that i would understand all of the instructions. I arrived to be greeted by really friendly staff (all of whom where uber cool) and headed to the training room to learn all the moves. In training, you sit down and watch a video (insert interpreter and written transcription) and spend some time being tested on your new found knowledge. You are taught about positioning when you are inside the chamber and because the jet engine (yes, i said jet engine) is so loud, everyone needs a few signs when they are flying.

Once the instructor is happy that everyone has understood the training, it's off to get your kit on.... excitement!  

We headed to the "wardrobe" to get our jump suits and helmets; the instructor gave me a choice of wearing a normal helmet, or one with a cuddly toy on top... of course, I went with the cuddly toy - a monkey more specifically.

You can imagine how I looked, 27 year old with a monkey on my head...

I so didn't care, i loved it! 

Let me explain little about how indoor skydiving works. There is a chamber in the shape of a cylinder with a rather large jet engine (thing) underneath. The wind created by the engine is so powerful that it you can achieve flying... Very cool. Your instructor is trained to be able to handle the wind and can stand whilst you are flying. This means that he/she can support you. 

As we walked to the chamber, I began to get a little nervous - I didn't really know what to expect and was slightly worried about my balance issues. I watched as the others took their flight and it was amazing! Any time they wobbled, the instructor was right there to correct them and sign what they needed to do to correct their positioning. My confidence started to build and I started to get more and more eager to jump in! 

My turn came and i stood at the entrance with my instructor. They hold onto you and basically jump in with you so you fall straight into the flying position. It sounds such a short time when they say you fly for a few minutes at a time, but it honestly feels like you're in there for ages.

Back to my snobbery - the indoor skydiving gives you exactly the same feeling as when you a free falling from the plane (just a lot more safer!). I was genuinely surprised at this as the price difference is in its hundreds! 

After a couple of flights, we were given the option to have an extra experience where the instructor takes you spinning up and down the tunnel... of course I was ALL FOR THAT! 

With my experience finished, it was off with the jump suit and straight down to reception to look at the photos... The images looked hilarious, there is me flying in this chamber, but all you can notice is a large monkey flapping about on my head! 

I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone, it is absolutely brilliant and great fun. I can't wait for iDID's indoor skydiving event on the 24th February. iDID have negotiated some great discounts for the event so it is a great opportunity to try something new AND save some money! 

Check out the event page for more details


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Fear is the vulture that sits on the shoulder

January 1st, 2013

Suzi for BlogFirstly, let me wish you all a Happy New Year, it looks as though it will be epic!

At iDID, we are all very excited about what this year will bring. As you may know by now, iDID believes in independence and strives to celebrate the diversity of people with disabilities by breaking down barriers and achieving the impossible. I personally believe that impossibility is a product of fear and that anyone can achieve their goals with the right support in place; over the next few months, the iDID team aim to prove that to you.

As an individual with a disability, I steer very clear from sports (if you have seen me attempt to ride a bike, you will know why!), my co-ordination is well... un-co-ordinated, I can’t hear people giving me instructions and I can barely walk in a straight line. Since starting iDID, I have been facing my own demons and found that I had a deep confidence issue embedded in my disability. Those of you that know me will know I rarely let things stand in my way, so why am I too scared to go follow a life-long ambition of travelling or avoid going for nights out when the only thing stopping me is… me?!  After searching for the answer to this question, I have found myself back at the roots of iDID. Many people have a fear that they won’t manage or that people will judge them because of their disability. If you’re reading this and feel the same, ask yourself, ‘Do I want to be scared forever?’

I am urging each of you to celebrate your independence and try something new. Get in touch - share your stories with us or write a blog!

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