The Irritating Tale of Spectacles and Watersports

March 21st, 2013

Adventure sports are generally unique in that they involve a whole different mindset from ordinary sports or athletic activities. Whether you enjoy surfing, rock climbing, kitesurfing, mountain biking, etc., adventure sports set you up to compete against nature and yourself, rather than an opponent. And, much as they involve this different mindset, adventure sports also tend to involve very specific equipment and preparation needs.

One example of these needs is that it is nearly impossible to effectively practice most adventure sports with any form of corrective vision aside from contact lenses. This is true of many athletic activities in general, but where you can occasionally get away with glasses or prescription goggles in some ordinary sports, adventure sports require more flexibility and convenience. Here are some specific reasons why you ought to check in with Acuvue to buy some new contact lenses if you are getting into an adventure sport of your own.

Range Of Vision
In most everyday activities - and indeed in many ordinary sports - you primarily require vision looking straight ahead. However, in most adventure sports, you will be turning your head fairly frequently, looking all around you to observe and react to the environment. This requires a full range of vision, not just in being able to move your head, but also in being able to see clearly no matter where you turn your eyes. This is only possible, for those who require corrective vision, with contact lenses, as both glasses and prescription goggles leave peripheral vision largely unaddressed and uncorrected.

Guaranteed Clarity
With contact lenses, it is very difficult to have your vision obscured by the elements. However, depending on your sport, this can be a problem with glasses or goggles. For example, you may find that you get dirt, mud, or water on your lenses, which can obscure your vision, inhibiting your activity and even causing potential danger. With contact lenses, your vision may still be temporarily interrupted by such external factors, but the effect will be brief, as these substances will not have the chance to stick to your contact lenses.

Maximum Flexibility
The other benefit of contact lenses for action and adventure sports is that there is no risk of losing them due to sudden or dramatic motion. When participating in these sports, it is common to find yourself in quick maneuvers or unusual positions that may cause glasses to fall off or be knocked askew. On the other hand, unless something specifically pokes your eyes, your contact lenses should stay put with any level of activity, providing you with the flexibility you need for your sport.

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