Why I did, iDID: Shannon joins the adventure club!

January 30th, 2013

To celebrate the launch of iDID Northampton on Sunday 3rd February, iDID have been finding out more about the members of the club. This week we hear from Shannon, an iDID Northampton member and all round adventurer!

I’ve always been interested in joining a group that has the same sort of people with different and the same disabilities as me and that’s fun and has some good activities to do. my mum found a letter and heard about idid, we went along to just see what is was like and really loved it all.

I was a bit nervous at first to meet people, and some that use sign language because I don’t know much. I was also a bit scared to do rock climbing because I was always afraid of heights. I had so much fun and I absolutely want to get myself into it more and learning about it. I will definitely be going again!

I overcame my fears and loved meeting the people in the group. With iDID adventure club I’ve met some lovely people and done some amazing activities with them, I find them all an inspiration with the disabilities they have and i think its fantastic they are challenging themselves with rock climbing and other activities.

From going to this club I’m hoping to learn  more sign language from the others in the group, if I lose the rest of my hearing it would be so much help for me.

My name is Shannon Hall, I am half blind and half deaf. I’ve always found it hard with to fit in at schools and clubs but this one I feel really suits me with the activities and the nice people in it. Now I feel a lot more independent and proud of myself.

iDID Northampton launches on Sunday 3rd February @ The Pinnacle Climbing Centre in Northampton. This exciting morning includes two hours of Rock Climbing tuition with fun competitions to win fantastic prizes! To book your space, click here

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