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Welcome to the team Lucy

September 13th, 2017

We are delighted to welcome our newest team member!

Lucy Somers is the Programme Coordinator for iDID Adventure and will be coordinating both our Climbing Minds programme and the Inclusive Climbing Club.

With a background in New Business Development, Sales and Marketing, she took a career break to raise her son before retraining in Bookkeeping on her return to work.

Lucy has gained a wealth of experience as a Bookkeeper and a PA, as well as, working with children and young people through her roles with local charities and organisations.

With a passion for continuous learning, Lucy has studied both Biological Science and Bioethics & Medical Law for her Degree and Masters retrospectively and is currently studying Level 3 British Sign Language in addition to volunteering with a local deaf charity. 

Her enthusiasm for fundraising keeps her involved with several charities and she is always looking for the next opportunity to raise money.

Lucy has a love of hiking, travelling and anything adrenaline related and when she isn't studying, she will usually be planning her next adventure or trip away. If it involves heights, speed or an element of danger then it will usually be something she's interested in. 


She can be contacted at


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