What We Do

At iDID, we want to see a world where innovation, willpower, and an adventurous spirit enables anyone to access the health and well-being benefits of adventure sports regardless of disability, socio-economic status, or mental health issues. Our team is commited to removing barriers faced by marginalised groups by working with other providers across the UK, developing our own programmes and resources, and sharing knowledge.

Our services are designed to support individuals at a local level through recreational and therapeutic opportunities, and to support professionals across the UK to become inclusive in their own services.

Professional Training

Our supportve and practical training aims to enable adventure providers to build knowledge, experience and confidence in delivering adventure activities to customers with additional physical, communication, learning, and emotional needs. Check out our training courses here.

Inclusive Resources

Through feedback from instructors and young people, we identified a need for easy-to-use and affordable resources enabling professionals to become more inclusive in their practices. We don't believe in over complicating things which is why our resources provide you with simple and effective advice on promoting an inclusive and understanding environment for individuals with additional needs.

Programme Design

Home to innovative well-being, leadership and rehabilitation programmes, iDID provides a unique blend of physical and psychological interventions to raise aspirations and encourage young people to positively engage with life.These programmes are delivered through our club network and partner organisations.

Drawing on theoretical frameworks, government health policy, and evidence-based strategies, our programmes support marginalised groups affected by, or at risk of, mental health issues.