Why become a member?

A membership with iDID Adventure allows you to benefit from reduced fees and free training sessions. All of our membership income goes towards our charitable activities.

There are currently three different membership types, each with their own unique benefits:

Inclusive Climbing/Bouldering Membership - £25 Adventure Club Membership - £30 Ultimate Adventurer Membership - £45

• Invites to all inclusive clubs and events • Invites to all adventure days and events • Invites to all adventure days, inclusive clubs and events

• Discounted entry to club sessions • Discounted entry to adventure days • Discounted entry to club sessions and adventure days

• Free iDID t-shirt • Free iDID t-shirt • Free iDID t-shirt

• Quarterly newsletter • Quarterly newsletter • Quarterly newsletter

• 25% discount on annual outdoor climbing • 50% discount on annual outdoor climbing trip

• One free bouldering session (Corby)

How to Join?

To join you simply need to fill in a membership form and either set up a standing order or pay via BAC’s or via our SHOP webpage. For more information please email us.

Gift Aid

iDID Adventure relies heavily on the generosity of its members and as such it would be much appreciated if when joining you could fill in a GiftAid Form.

Rules of Membership

How to renew or cancel membership: iDID Adventures membership runs from January to December and can be renewed either via a standing order submitted to your bank or by Bac’s.

If you would like to cancel your membership, please inform iDID Adventure in writing. Please include your name, membership number if you know it and when you would like your membership to be cancelled. Please allow one month for this to be processed. Please note that annual memberships that have already been paid for cannot be refunded. You will continue to receive your membership benefits until the membership expires.

Please note that iDID Adventure memberships cannot be transferred unless under special circumstances. Please contact us to discuss this if necessary.