Club FAQs

Where do your clubs take place? In Northampton our clubs run at The Pinnacle Climbing Centre in Far Cotton. In Corby our bouldering sessions take place at The Corby Climbing Centre, 11 St Marks Road.

What ages do your clubs cater for? Our Inclusive Climbing Club in Northampton is split into two different age groups, 8-12 and 13-plus. Our Inclusive Bouldering Club in Corby is for 8-25 year olds.

When do your clubs run? Our clubs only run during term-time. Visit the club pages for further details.

How much do the clubs cost? The cost differs based on the type of club and whether you are a member. For specific costs see the club pages.

Do I need to be a member to attend your clubs? You do not have to be a member but we do need a registration form from every participant before they attend. However, members will save £5 per session.

Do I need to buy equipment? All equipment hire is covered by the cost of the sessions.

Course FAQs

What courses do you run? Climbing Minds, Climbing Minds Plus, Carving the Psyche and Krush.

How many courses do you run each year? We currently run four courses a year in Northampton and four in Corby, as well as a summer watersports course and a winter snowboarding course.

What ages do your courses cater for? Our courses are for young people aged 12 to 19 (people aged 19-25 with learning difficulties can also be considered).

What is the cost of the course? Our courses are fully funded by a range of grants.

How do I get a place on your courses? There are a maximum of eight places on any course and all participants must be referred by an official body or their parent, carer or guardian. For more information visit the specific course page.

Do I need to buy equipment? All equipment hire is covered by the cost of the sessions.

What specialist supervision is available? Our courses run on a one-to-one basis so each participant works with a specific team member each week. All team members are DBS-checked.

Member FAQs

How much does membership cost? We have different levels of membership ranging from £25 to £45 per year. For more information visit our members page.

What are the benefits of membership? You will receive an iDID Adventure t-shirt and discounts on all clubs and additional adventure sessions.

Is there an age limit for members? No, we welcome members of all ages.