Our clubs

At iDID, we believe that everyone should have access to services which support their mental health. Our unique programmes use adventure sports as an engagement tool to improve well-being, confidence and self-esteem in marginalised young people. 

In the past iDID has run a range of clubs including climbing, wake board and snowboarding. Our specialist programmes promote positive well-being by concentrating on particular self-development issues such as mental health, leadership, or rehabilitation. Feeling valued in society can have a huge impact on an individual's well-being and many social groups who face isolation can become more susceptible to mental health issues.  All of our clubs and programmes follow the same four concepts:


We believe in people, not labels. Our positive approach focuses on each individual as just that... an individual. We encourage people to be themselves and feel open to explore their self-development in a safe, non-judgemental environment.


Social connections play a vital role in healthy well-being; we encourage participants, staff, and volunteers to meet new people, build their empathic skills and challenge themselves. Our ethos is based on being supportive and encouraging – this applies to how our team work with each other and also with young people on our projects.  


Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do, not just in terms of physical accessibility but through a cultural framework which ensures that anyone feels welcomed, included, and supported in their experience with us.


At iDID we are passionate about social change and monitoring the impact of our work. Our programmes are measured using both quantitative and qualitative methods and help us to continually improve the work we do.

Current clubs

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