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Our Well being Courses

"Good mental health and resilience are fundamental to our physical health, our relationships, our education, our training, our work and to achieving our potential." No Health without Mental Health, A cross governmental mental health outcomes strategy

"My daughter has literally climbed out of depression, making new friends and, with the help of her iDID mentors, has made strides both physically and mentally to emerge from a very dark cloud. We couldn't recommend it enough. Having the space to climb without the pressure of a team, social or communication barriers, whilst giving a sense of worth, belonging and value has made her confidence grow massively." - Parent of participant

In a fast paced and complex society, young people are faced with phenomenal pressures that can impact their mental health.  iDID works with marginalised young adults to improve their self-worth through engaging activities and a positive environment.  At iDID we look past the labels and work with the young person underneath.

Climbing Minds is a project for young adults affected by, or at risk of, mental health issues.  This is a FREE 6 week climbing programme for young adults aged 12-25.

This project is targeted at:

  • Young Carers

  • People with low sense of self worth

  • Socially isolated people

  • People with Mental health issues

Both professional and self-referrals are accepted for course placements. If you know of someone who would benefit from this project please contact our programme co-ordinator for a referral form or download one from our website. We currently run one programme in Northampton and one in Corby please go to the relevant webpage for more information. We also run seasonal programmes using the same model but with water sports and winter sports.